Have you ever been disappointed when you finally meet someone you’ve been talking to online and they act nothing like do on their profile? Well, I have and it STINKS! I aim to always be 100% real with you! So here are some reviews from people who have actually been in front of my camera.


Kyle & Deaven

“Working with Wild Honey Visuals was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in front of a camera. She thinks of details that are beyond just conducting a great picture. She bought my husband and I champagne, and she let us be ourselves, letting each other enjoy our moment. She fosters beautiful memories for people, while delivering gorgeous pictures that capture who we are to each other. She also delivers pictures quickly and elegantly. I definitely plan on booking her for future events in our lives down the road!”



“I had the opportunity to have Desiree photograph my daughters in our home. I had only followed her on social media and didn’t know her personally, but was so at ease when she arrived. Shes friendly and warm and has way to make others feel relaxed and confident. After that shoot I hired her for head shots for our real estate company as well as a family session for my sister and her five children. Desiree has rocked every setting I’ve seen her in. We have now used Desiree for five photo shoots and have always had our expectations exceeded. She is truly a woman who inspires and encourages other woman. She has grown to be a friend and someone I recommend as often as possible!”

Wild Honey Visuals

Mccary & Cassie

“Desiree has experienced and documented so many life changing moments with my family. From the birth of our son, to his 1 week newborn photos, all the way to our wedding day. Every shoot she shows up with an open heart and true passion to be there, making it easy to feel comfortable with the camera on you in some, sometimes, vulnerable times. You don’t only get a photographer (and AMAZING photos,obviously) with this girl, but a friend.”


Ryan & Cheyenne

“When my husband and I decided we were going to elope, we wanted a photographer that was willing to travel and be able to capture the intimacy of our day. Well Desiree completely exceeded our expectations. She drove three hours to meet us as Smith Rock at dawn and we hiked across the sand and rock (in my wedding dress) to capture the sunrise. She hid behind rocks and trees as my husband and I said our vows and capture the most raw and beautiful photos. We laughed, cried and had an absolute blast. I knew that when I booked with Wild Honey Visuals I was guaranteed high quality photos and an unforgettable experience and that’s what we received. She even got us multiple photos, the SAME DAY! When I look at our elopement photographs I realize I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to capture the best day of our lives. I can’t thank Desiree enough and I’m looking forward to the next time we can book her.”



“I found Des on Instagram, by way of mutual friend’s pictures she’d taken that I was drooling over. As a single, full-time working mother as the time, pictures of my son were a major priority for me, as I don’t want to miss a single stage- both for my own sentimentality, and in the hopes that I could share them with a future husband someday. We met Desiree in Portland for a mom-and-son shoot, and I felt like we instantly clicked. I’m very shy, and it usually takes a bit before I shed some of my awkwardness and seem fun at all. But Des had me laughing and confident in front of the camera in no time flat. The pictures she took of my toddler son and I were genuine and totally us- she picked up on our personalities right away and the shots of us interacting in Powell’s bookstore with my son’s never-leaves-his-side teddy bear were completely unposed, not to mention she threw in a couple portrait style photos of just me twirling in a dress and feeling 100% less “drab, exhausted mama”. She was also not only my wedding photographer, but one of my supporters, who got my nervous self down the aisle when I hate being the center of attention. In terms of wedding photographer, she is legitimately the whole package. I trust her to deliver on the big moments in my life- wedding, babies, milestones- Desiree is my girl hands down. Her consistency, personality and passion for her work is evident and worth every penny.”


Gabe & Courtney

“I love working with Desiree. She always knows how to capture sweet moments between my and my children. She is also the only person that can get my husband to take photos. We love how she has captured all of the big moments in our lives from starts of our marriage all the way until now with just having our second child. She is s much more then out life photographer but also our best friend! She is a genuine woman whose fun personality shines through her work. You will definitely not regret inviting her into your families biggest moments.”