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Meet your hype man,


Honestly, 85% of my friends first started off as clients of mine. So either I really care about you guys or I hardly had any friends to start with… I’ll let you be the judge of that after our first session..


I’m just going to jump straight into it... ready for some truth bombs?

YOU need to find the right photographer for YOU! Liking someone’s photos is only half the process. You have to jive well with your photographer, because you will honestly spend an enormous amount of time with them at your wedding, elopement, engagement, family, newborn or whatever photo shoot you choose. So here’s a little bit about me, and you can see for yourself if you think we would be a good fit!

What sets me apart from other photographers?

Be prepared for me to be fully invested in YOU! I offer so much more then just showing up and taking your photos. Anything I do I always put 100% of my heart into! I will go above and beyond to make you feel confident and comfortable in front of my camera by getting to know you, assisting you with selecting outfits, and doing just about ANYTHING to make you laugh. I aim to develop a genuine relationship with my clients, because this is how I’m able to capture authentic emotion. A session with me consists of adventure, belly laughs, and lots of hair flips. If this sounds like a good time to you then look no further - I’m your girl!

I look forward to meeting you all! XOXO-Des

Learn why I became a photographer in the article below!


 It’s MEEE!!


The heart of your


The name I’m most often referred to is “mami” but you can call me Desiree. When my son was first born I had no clue what career path I wanted to pursue. But I knew in order to be the best mother I could be to him I needed to pursue something. I felt like in order to motivate my son to follow HIS dreams and pursue HIS goals in life I needed to be doing the same. Children are best led by example, right? Plus, this was my perfect excuse to be everyone’s third wheel! Then everyone I knew started getting engaged and BOOM! That’s how this amazing job fell right into my lap. Which leads us to now, where I get the opportunity to celebrate life with you!